One would think that no environment in today’s society could be more opposed to philosophy than the corporate world.  The ruthless pursuit of profit and obsession with the bottom line seem inconsistent with the search for truth and the cultivation of the moral life.  However, this is a breathtakingly naive and blinkered view of the business world.  A number of areas in today’s business world, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, ethics compliance, executive coaching and development, and management consulting enlist the talents and skills of philosophers and folks trained in the humanities.  While philosophers and academics might regard a move to the private sector as “selling out,” consider this:  in what world could we have a deeper, more global impact?

Below is a list of resources on philosophy in business.  If you come across anything not on this list, please contact me.


Richard N. Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute? 

Tom Morris, The Art of Achievement

Jerald Jellison, Life After Grad School:  Getting From A to B

Peter Koestenbaum, The Philosophic Consultant

Lou Marinoff, Philosophical Practice

Dov Seidman, How:  Why How We Do Anything Means Everything

Matthew Stewart, The Management Myth:  Debunking Modern Business Philosophy





“Philosophy is Back in Business”

“I Think, Therefore I Earn”

“Want Innovative Thinking?  Hire From the Humanities”

“Why Marketing Could Use Humanities PhDs—and Vice Versa”

“Another Career Choice for PhDs:  Management Consulting”

“Facts About Companies:  Management Consulting”

“Why More PhDs are Turning to Consulting”

“Consulting Careers Beyond the Big Firms”

“A Future in Consulting?”

“Consultant for a Day”

“Should You Be a Consultant?”

“Careers in Educational Consulting”

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