Pursue your dreams.  Beware your fantasies.  Discern the difference.

Always mind your surroundings—especially those that are mind.

How much of our movement floats on a cloud of fallacy and fear?

The less attention you pay, the more you need.

To know and not do is to not know.

Analogy is the alchemy of imagination and intellect.

You will find, as you age and as burdens accrue, that the years you seemed the most idle and lost sowed the finest seed.

Hard truths first strike as sheer madness.

The demons aren’t really there—but treating with them will lead you to what is.

Only by cleaning the carpet do you see it is merely made of threads.

Much hinges on whether adolescence ever really ends, and whether that is the end of childhood.

A useful power:  to distinguish stray thoughts from deep insight.

A question is only a truly good one if its answer makes a difference that results in action.

Most of the ink spilt about the need for “practices” and “praxis” really just congeals into even more clotted pools of theory.

The more we focus on our limits, the stronger they become.

Beware the cheap simplisms to which most retreat.

Payback is a kind of insult and in a way refusal of the original gift.

To see all things in shades of gray is to think in black and white.

Our passion often gets the best of us—but it is the best of us.

Liberal men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct Marxist.

We pretend, as adults, that we no longer pretend; that the dark things of the imagination are no longer with us.  But in order to grow up, we must learn the ways in which we never should.

Maturity—when you are no longer both old enough to be hurt and young enough to think it’s the end of all things.

Love is the background relief before which we know our true shape.

True love is when someone sees into us and through us and doesn’t stop looking–and we look back.

Joy is the feeling that your face is backlit by the sun itself.